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Den Uijl, N.J. (author)
The introduction of advanced high strengths steels enabled automotive manufacturers to simultaneously reduce weight and increase safety of vehicles. However issues were reported concerning the weldability of these steels. These issues concerned both the manufacturability as well as the performance of resistance spot welded joints. The...
doctoral thesis 2015
Schumacher, P. (author), Walraven, J.C. (author), Den Uijl, J.A. (author), Bigaj-van Vliet, A. (author)
Steel fibres are known to enhance the toughness of concrete in compression and in tension. Steel fibres also improve the bond properties between concrete matrix and reinforcing steel bars. In order to investigate the effect of steel fibres on the rotation capacity of reinforced concrete members, four simply supported beams were loaded in three...
journal article 2009
Den Uijl, J.A. (author), Bigaj, A.J. (author)
A new bond model for ribbed bars embedded in concrete has been developed. The model is based on the confining capacity of the concrete surrounding the bar. This confinement capacity is evaluated with the help of a thick-wailed-cylinder model, with which the relation between the radial displacement and the radial compressive stress at the steel...
journal article 1996