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de Boer, G.G. (author)
This thesis report considers the topic of sustainable marina development. This term can be understood to be a combination of two terms; “sustainable development” and “marina”. Sustainable development in this research study has been considered in relation to the coastal zone and basically entails an approach to ensure a balance between the...
master thesis 2016
Marinov, K. (author), Arrieta, X. (author), Hewageegana, H. (author), De Almeida, E. (author), Da Silva, R. (author)
The Hague Municipality, which is responsible for Scheveningen Harbour, is seeking solutions for two problems it is currently facing: reorganization/expansion of Scheveningen Harbour considering the shortage of marina places and the future demands; and connection of the north and south sides of the harbour, namely, bridging De Pijp. CoMEM TU...
student report 2016