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sea change/see change, Richmond shipyard Redevelpment project

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In the face of rising waters and increased stormrelated flooding, communities will have to decide what to do with their flood-prone areas. Continually repairing storm damages and providing services to these vulnerable neighborhoods demands significant government resources. For these areas, cities have three major options to consider: keep water out, adapt to live with water, or move to higher ground. Unfortunately, there are no clear answers when it comes to these options—they all have pros and significant cons.
To protect the Richmond from incresing risk of sea level rises, Following the research of migration landscape, in this design, shipyard Infrastructure as well as the sedimentary infrastructure are the specific assemblies chosen and articulated by spatial designer to act upon.The Kaisher Shipyard was constructed as an military infrastracture and continuously serve as transpotation facilite.And in the design, I proposed to a redevelopent project transforming the old shipyard infrustracture as a new platform for future development and new lifestyle for Richmond people, also the highly dynamic natural processes gives the site multiple potentials of engaging the natural processes and the urban process. In this project dredging and construction site wast materials are also being revaluated as resources that become infrascturcture as well By engaging the natural processes and resiliance strategy, creating a new waterfront landscape that incubates new hybrid uses and long term urban development which can also fit in the theme of “Flowscape”.