From survival to revival

A new water management way for upper reaches of Tarim river integrated a sustainable livelihood design

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Water scarcity is a problem not only in the Tarim river but worldwide. Starting from water scarcity in the upper reaches of the Tarim River, this research focuses on exploring the possible solution for water scarcity and unsustainable livelihood for farmers in this region. By referring to similar cases and literature, principles of water-saving, afforestation, and new circularity were concluded to solve those problems. During the design process, the possibility of the upper reaches of the Tarim River was explored by the method of logical system and mapping. This project brings a new water system, farming method, and forest to this region and by those new elements could formulate a new solid circularity. In this design-based research, solutions for water scarcity and sustainable livelihood are explored, experimented , and achieved in the upper reaches of the Tarim River.