Developing a generic risk maturity model (GRMM) for evaluating risk management in construction projects

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The literature on risk management acknowledges a growing number of Risk Maturity Models (RMM). However, for the construction sector, there is no validated RMM that is based on both theory and experts’ opinions. In this article, a Generic RMM (GRMM), inspired by the EFQM model, is developed and validated to remedy this shortcoming. The GRMM uses a list of statements extracted from risk management literature by means of qualitative content analysis. The statements and the model are both validated by means of two focus group sessions, based on which the statements and the model are improved. According to the experts, the GRMM is easy to use and provides projects with a clear picture of potential improvements regarding risk management. Project managers can use the GRMM for planning and improving risk management, as well as for cross-project analysis for learning purposes. Further research on application of the GRMM in real projects is recommended.