Music Kathedraal

Adaptability and Resilience of Architecture for Music

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Music Kathedraal is a new cultural hub in Binckhorst, The Hague. Current waste processing facility was repurposed into a music building with strong supporting public program. The variety of functions is expanding the scope of target users creating a complex, more attractive building. It contains two halls for music performance, a big hall – Kathedraal, and a small one – Chapel. Big hall is versatile and able to transform in order to host different genres of music. Rest of the time, when music is not performed in big hall, retractable seating and stage allow it to quickly change into a conference room, fashion show venue, cinema, etc.

Exterior aesthetics of the existing building designed by Jan Brouwer in 1995 was preserved because of its specific appearance and importance as an exemplar of high-tech architecture. The most prominent part of the building is wavy roof with pointy, tower-like construction. Majority of the façade is opened in order to make this, now closed to public, building attractive and inviting.