Re-commoning Water

The Public Grounds of Water in Urban Ecosystems

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The building aims to use water to address issues on two levels. Firstly, on a local level, it is a public condenser aiming to provide family resources and water recreation activities that are lacking in the neighbourhood of Friedrichshain, Berlin. Single child families make up for the majority of households in Berlin which leaves the bulk of peer-to-peer socialisation of children outside of the home. On a wider level, the building addresses water as a public right and a threatened resource. Public consciousness of water issues in Germany may not be prevalent as Germany enjoys high-quality drinking water all year round but with the recent droughts and effects of climate change, this is projected to change in the coming future. Furthermore, my fascination with using water as a design device lies with how water has always been a gathering point, a place to meet, socialise and relax. The dynamic state of water presents numerous opportunities for it to be used as a spatial tool both indoors and outdoors.