Design for Stakeholder Value Identification in Multi-stakeholder Projects

The SVI Process

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With the rapid development of society, complex problems are becoming increasingly visible such as climate change, energy shortage, poverty, and migration. Many organizations are cooperating together to solve these problems because it is impossible for one organization to handle all the different expertise and skills. The projects that consist of lots of organizations working together to solve problems can be called multi-stakeholder projects. It appears aiming to solve complex social challenges of sustainable development. With multiple stakeholders, the stakeholder management becomes more difficult. It is essential to know what does each stakeholder desires for enhancing collaboration and satisfying stakeholders. Among these desires, stakeholders desired values are crucial to identify because values are the reason behind stakeholders’ actions and decisions.
The LIFE project is a typical multi-stakeholder project initiate by the City of Amsterdam and AMS Institute as the leader of Stakeholder Engagement and Inclusion. As an important part of stakeholder engagement in multi-stakeholder projects, this project aims to make contributions in identifying stakeholders’ desired values in the multi-stakeholder project.
The Barrett Model about organizational values is the key academic support of this project. It’s used as materials to build the concept structure and as the basic for developing details of concepts. Literature from some other fields has been studied in this project to generate insights for eliciting desired values from stakeholders.
This project ends with a final strategy concept, the Stakeholder Value Identification (SVI) Process, which applies various intervention to increase stakeholders’ willingness and ability to express their desired values and uses a closed-ended task as the core of the concept. The concept could be used not only in this stage of the LIFE project but also other stages, as well as other multi-stakeholder projects.