Using data analytics to extract knowledge from middle-of-life product data

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Data analytics needs dedicated tools, which are getting complex. In this paper we summarize the results of our literature research done with special attention to existing and potential future tools. The attention is paid mainly to processing big data, rather than to effective semantic processing of middle-of-life data (MoLD). The issue of handling of big MoLD of specific characteristics efficiently has not yet been addressed by the commercialized tools and methods. Another major limitation of the current tools is that they are typically not capable to adapt themselves to designers‟ needs and to support knowledge/experience reusability in multiple design tasks. MoLD require quasi-real life handling due to their nature and direct feedback relationships to the operation process and the environment of products. Nowadays products are equipped with smart capabilities. This offers new opportunities for exploiting MoLD. The knowledge aggregated in this study will be used in the development of a toolbox, which (i) integrates various tools under a unified interface, (ii) implements various smart and semantics orientated functions, and (iii) facilitates data transformations in contexts by the practicing designers themselves.