Healing environments within existing hospital architecture

A study into architectural interventions in the AMC Amsterdam

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Hospitals fulfill an important function within the healthcare systems, providing complex and specialized care. Healthcare continues to evolve into more effective forms of care and thus benefiting those in need. While care changes the physical hospital rarely does, resulting in hospital architecture which leaks the quality to contribute to and improve the users wellbeing. This design thesis explores a large scale architectural intervention strategy that improves the hospital architecture of the AMC Amsterdam through means parametric and computational design. The intervention focuses on spatial redistribution of function based on trends and innovations in healthcare. Resulting in vacant space available for spatial interventions. In order to increase wellbeing the intervention focusses on the themes of nature, exercises, sight and daylight. Creating an biophilic experiential structure that connects vertically and horizontally on the various floors. Enabling patients to move, stay and experience the intervention each on their own manner, while simultaneously creating an healing environment that improves patients wellbeing.