The Circular Concrete Viaduct

Development of a Concept Demountable Footing to Foundation (F2F) Dowel Connection for the Application in Multiple Life-Cycles

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The main motivation for this research originated from two ambitions, which involve many challenges for which circular solutions have to be developed. First, the ambition of the Dutch government to achieve a circular economy, which also includes a circular construction industry, in the Netherlands by 2050 at the latest. Secondly, in line with the first, the ambition of Rijkswaterstaat to work climate-neutral and circular in 2030. At this moment, the main focus in the Dutch construction industry is on developing circular solutions which can be implemented and applied during the enormous replacement and renovation task of many of the almost 40.000 bridges and (mostly) viaducts in the Netherlands. Therefore, the main focus of this research has been on developing circular solutions for concrete viaducts for (governmental) roads. This has resulted in the development of a concept demountable footing to foundation (F2F) dowel connection which has been based on, and is suitable for application in, the proposed design of a standard (circular concrete) viaduct. Besides, attention has been paid to desired monitoring aspects regarding such a circular viaduct, and to the life-cycle costs of a circular viaduct compared to those of the same viaduct, constructed in a traditional way, characterized by a linear life-cycle model.