An Agent-Based Security Risk Management Approach for Airport Operations

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Security risk management is essential for ensuring effective airport operations. This article introduces AbSRiM, a novel agent-based modeling and simulation approach to perform security risk management for airport operations that uses formal sociotechnical models that include temporal and spatial aspects. The approach contains four main steps: scope selection, agent-based model definition, risk assessment, and risk mitigation. The approach is based on traditional security risk management methodologies, but uses agent-based modeling and Monte Carlo simulation at its core. Agent-based modeling is used to model threat scenarios, and Monte Carlo simulations are then performed with this model to estimate security risks. The use of the AbSRiM approach is demonstrated with an illustrative case study. This case study includes a threat scenario in which an adversary attacks an airport terminal with an improvised explosive device. The approach provides a promising way to include important elements, such as human aspects and spatiotemporal aspects, in the assessment of risk. More research is still needed to better identify the strengths and weaknesses of the AbSRiM approach in different case studies, but results demonstrate the feasibility of the approach and its potential.