Near-Precise Parameter Approximation for Multiple Multiplications on A Single DSP Block

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DSP blocks are one of the efficient solutions to implement multiply-accumulate (MAC) operations on FPGAs. However, since the DSP blocks have wide multiplier and adder blocks, MAC operations using low bit-length parameters lead to an underutilization. Hence, an efficient approximation technique is introduced. The technique includes manipulation and approximation of the low bit-length parameters based upon a Single DSP - Multiple Multiplication (SDMM) execution. The accuracy of the developed optimization technique was evaluated for different CNN weight bit precisions using the Alexnet and VGG-16 networks and the ImageNet ILSVRC-2012 dataset. The optimization can be implemented without loss of accuracy in almost all cases, while it causes slight accuracy losses in a few cases. Through these optimizations, multiple parameter multiplications are performed in a single DSP block at the cost of a small hardware overhead. As a result of our optimizations, the parameters are represented in a different format on off-chip memory, providing up to 33% compression without any hardware cost. A prototype systolic array architecture was implemented employing our optimizations on a Xilinx Zynq FPGA. It reduced the number of DSP blocks by 66.6%, 75%, and 83.3% for 8, 6, and 4-bit input variables, respectively.