Designing a project selection toolkit for Philips' value based care studios

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Philips believes that in order to keep creating real and sustainable value for its stakeholders, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of trends of economy paradigm. As the trends show, to transform towards transformation paradigm and sustain future growth and profitability, understanding challenges and identifying opportunities in the healthcare field are essential for Philips. The current healthcare field faces a lot of challenges and needs disruptive innovations. Integrated, patient-centric, and efficient care delivery models are urgently needed. Value-based care was proposed under the background. It emphasizes improving healthcare outcomes while reducing cost. Philips also believes value-based care is the ideal healthcare delivery system. To transform towards value-based care, Philips collaborates with local hospitals to initiate value-based care studios. Selecting suitable projects to run in studios is vital while there are no guidelines or toolkit to help project selection. My assignment is to design a project selection toolkit for Philips' value-based care studios. After exploratory research and design iterations, finally, an improved project selection journey and corresponding tools to help each phase of the improved project selection journey are designed. They aim to provide suitable information in suitable time to facilitate productive discussion and decision making in project selection process.