An ASIC with Bipolar High-Voltage Transmit Switching for a Single-Cable Intra-Vascular Ultrasound Probe

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An ASIC is presented for intra-vascular ultrasound imaging. Despite being connected via a single coaxial cable, it is able to pass arbitrary high voltage bipolar signals to the transducers for acoustic imaging. The thesis talks about the need to reduce the cable count to one and reviews the existing work in literature. It builds up on an existing single cable design and focuses on the transmit part to make it compatible to a large number of ultrasound imaging modes by allowing it to pass high frequency signals up to 20MHz and bipolar signal voltages up to ±25V . The chip is phantom powered and thus its power supply and signals are transmitted on the same cable. The transmit switch designed for this ASIC is powered by and controlled by an on-chip low voltage supply and circuitry. The prototype ASIC has been designed in TSMC 180nm HV BCD Gen2 technology. This single cable design has 16 elements for transmit and 64 elements in the receive mode and was evaluated using simulations.