Localization Algorithms for Conference Systems

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This report details the design and implementation of a subsystem within a localization system designed for the Bosch DICENTIS wireless conference system. The goal of this localization system is to determine the location of individual units. These units each contain a microphone and a loudspeaker and are used by the participants at a conference. Potential use cases for the locations of these units are beam-forming and the mapping of participants within a room.

The subsystem discussed in this report is tasked with transforming estimated propagation times of audio signals into locations of the units. To this end, a TOA-based and a TDOA-based algorithm for the self-localization of individual conference system units is presented. Experimental results show that both methods are able to recover positions, with the TOA-based method slightly outperforming the TDOA-based method. Real-life measurement results show a root mean square error in position of about 8 cm for the TOA-based method.