The road towards a new urban mobility system

A strategic view on the future of Tiler

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The purpose of this graduation thesis is to design for Tiler’s long- term strategy, based on research into mobility. As a hardware startup that produces a wireless charging solution for light electric vehicles, Tiler sought guidance on its next steps to grow into a thriving business in the future. The company finds itself in the tumultuous mobility industry, which changes fast as the world tries to decarbonise transport. The mobility transition requires collaboration between different stakeholders such as municipalities, mobility providers and other parties that help to enable the changes society wants to see. Forging a future of sustainable transport in cities results in boosts of innovation and regulatory responses as we try to define what we want urban mobility to be like.
After conducting in-depth research into the mobility context during the exploration phase, this project describes the design process of creating a dynamic roadmap for Tiler as a strategic tool for the future. This concept was crafted based on trend research, knowledge of the stakeholder system and technologies that could drive the product evolution. The designed roadmap distinguishes itself from the common format as it integrates the uncertainties of the mobility context through use of scenarios. To evaluate the content, the concept was tested with experts. To discover the value for Tiler, the concept was evaluated with the team in the form of a workshop. In this session, I facilitated a walk-through of the concept which triggered discussions about the impact of alternative future scenarios.
Based on this evaluation, the team has gained insights on which markets to approach, which stakeholders to manage closely and the importance of continuing the conversation about the company’s future strategy on a weekly basis. The dynamic roadmap concept shows the potential to be adopted by the company. Furthermore, to extends its application, additional research and design activities could focus on making it suitable for other target groups and adding additional visual elements to bring the future to life even more.