Design Guidelines for Human-Agent Collaboration in a Painting Context

Authority, Autonomy, and Delegation

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This project focuses on developing design guidelines for Human-Agent Collaboration around Authority, Autonomy, and Control in the outdoor painting context. While painting as an activity is something most of us have done and understand, working professionals have a sense of pride and skill in their motions that would be difficult to replace with agents. Painters are generally conservative and wary of innovation, as they deeply enjoy the restoration process. Still, they are also a profession that finds it difficult to recruit as many people as before. This project explored how agents could support painters to work sustainably to see what possibilities exist for collaboration. Through a combination of design and research activities, a Design Fiction grounded in painting practice and focused on Authority, Autonomy, and Control was developed. The Design Fiction facilitated discussions with painters around the three themes. From these discussions, design guidelines were developed for each theme.

The guidelines contributed to the project's overall goal: understanding how agentic technology could facilitate the sustainable employment of painters.