Optimization of Jetted Radial Wells

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Jetted radial wells are a relatively new form of hydraulic stimulation for oil and gas wells, where small diameters holes extend radially from a wellbore. This technique for increasing well connectivity could also be applied to geothermal wells. Radials can be freely placed along a backbone well, making the design of an economically viable well plan time intensive. Numerical optimization has been extensively applied to well design and will be applied for the design of a radial well plan. A simple optimization case is used to compare gradient-based and gradient-free optimization for jetted radial optimization, the gradient-free CMA-ES algorithm is chosen for the workflow. In addition to CMA-ES, mixed integer CMA-ES and uncertainty-handling CMA-ES are incorporated in the workflow. Three reservoir cases are evaluated for optimization using these algorithms. The workflow is able to determine well plans with higher NPV in each of these cases though finding a global optimum remains difficult.