24-Hour Architecture —— An exploration of space efficiency

An Integrated design approach for a flexible-use construction

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The thesis tries to find solutions about increasing space efficiency in architecture nowadays. The research define space efficiency in detailed aspects, each aspect is explained by special analyze, illustrations and case studies. The thesis chooses work and lives as two main themes in a building for they are normally complementary in time. All kinds of work and live space are defined and classified by a list of characters (which includes use time during a day, publicity, stuffs in space, etc.) After space analyzes and functions analyze the paper combine these two aspects together and provide a series of special layouts to adapt different needs. All these researches are done in typological way to make sure the result can be used in other place rather than just the context. Designing a new type of construction that can be used during whole day is then possible, based on the output of the paper and the situation of the context and environment.