A new numerical modelling framework for fixed oscillating water column wave energy conversion device combining BEM and CFD methods

Validation with experiments

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The Oscillating Water Column (OWC) wave energy converter has been shown to have high potential, thus rendering extensive development in recent years. In order to further accelerate its development, highly accurate yet computationally efficient tools are necessary particularly when studying the interaction of multiple OWC devices. This paper proposes a new framework for fixed OWC devices with an orifice, that uses the input from a high fidelity non-linear numerical model to improve the accuracy of a low fidelity linear numerical model keeping computational costs low. This is done by accounting for the non-linearities in the pressure-flow of an orifice in the input to the linear numerical model. Experimental data is used to validate the framework, thus providing an accurate and computationally efficient linear numerical model, that can be used for the preliminary analysis of fixed OWC devices.