Measurement Light Bulb


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This document describes the design process the prototype of a measurement light bulb which is able to project spherical harmonics of orders 0-1-2. Photographs of these projections can be combined to represent many light distributions. The measurement light bulb can be used in the field of research focused on the computation of the illumination impact of lighting, more specifically, simulating different light sources. Our prototype consists of a laser beam rotating over two axes, which allows the device to project onto a sphere around itself. The device can be controlled wirelessly using Bluetooth. The lamp can project spherical harmonics in a resolution of 4 degree and 256 monochrome light levels. The time one projection takes is about one second, which allows for quick measurements. The dimensions and the weight of the lamp are such that it is portable. At this stage, the prototype can only operate in a dark environment, due to the use of a low powered laser. In this document, the focus will be on the design of control, communication and the PCB.