A facile method to prepare oriented boron nitride-based polymer composite with enhanced thermal conductivity and mechanical properties

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Hexagonal boron nitride (BN) is often used as filler to improve the thermal conductivity of polymer matrix due to its high thermal conductivity. However, previously reported BN-based composites always have a high in-plane thermal conductivity, which is not beneficial for vertical heat dissipation. In addition, high BN content results in the deterioration of the mechanical properties. Here, we report a feasible method to prepare a BN/silicone rubber (SiR) composite with oriented BN in organosilicon matrix via a vacuum-assisted self-assembly technique. The BN/SiR composite displays a 1270% higher (2.74 W/(m·K)) thermal conductivity than that of neat organosilicon matrix (0.20 W/(m·K)). The oriented BN nanosheets increase the polymer's adhesive force and exhibit excellent compression cycle performance. In turn, these features support its superiority as thermal interface material in the light-emitting diode chips heat dissipation application.