High frequency LLC resonant converter

Design and prototyping

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Ever since inception of field of electronics, electronic devices are getting smaller, lighter and more power efficient. At the same time computing power of the devices is increasing exponentially. There is an ongoing demand for power supplies of computing devices to get smaller, more energy dense while achieving higher efficiency. LLC resonant converters are replacing forward converters in DC-DC conversion due to their higher efficiency and magnetic integration. Size reduction in LLC resonant converter is possible by shifting towards 500kHz operation. But this shift comes with additional problems with regards to control mechanism and switching losses. The aim of this thesis is to design and prototype an LLC resonant converter. Problems associated with design and operation at 500kHz are identified and solutions are suggested to overcome such problems. The operation principle of LLC resonant converter is also explained in detail. The results prove that size reduction is possible while maintaining higher efficiency but certain limitations stop further reduction of size.