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Hoekstra, J.S.C.M. (author)
The Dutch social rental sector often serves as an example for other countries as a result of its large share and good quality housing. However, many things have changed in the sector in recent years. After 2011, the central government has regained its control over the housing associations. This was needed after the unacceptable amount of...
journal article 2017
Hoekstra, J.S.C.M. (author), Cornette, F. (author)
report 2014
Hoekstra, J.S.C.M. (author), Saizarbitoria, I.H. (author), Etxarri, A.E. (author)
The conventional model of social housing in Spain is a peculiarity within European housing policy, in that it is almost entirely owner-occupied. Subsidized owneroccupancy housing maintains the status of social housing for a set number of years, during which time it cannot be sold against market prices. After that period, its status changes, and...
journal article 2010