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Stive, M.J.F. (author), Capobianco, M. (author), Wang, Z.B. (author), Ruol, P. (author)
We have formulated an aggregated-scale behaviour-model for the interaction between a tidal basin and its adjacent coastal environment, without adopting a priory assumptions about their independent dynamic equilibrium behaviour. Necessarily so, the model combines observations and findings resuhing from analogical model applications. The model...
conference paper 1996
Lam, N.T. (author), Stive, M.J.F. (author), Verhagen, H.J. (author), Wang, Z.B. (author)
Morphodynamics of a tidal inlet system on a micro-tidal coast in a tropical monsoon influenced region is modelled and discussed. Influences of river flow and wave climate on the inlet morphology are investigated with the aid of process-based state-of-the-art numerical models. Seasonal and episodic behaviour of the inlet system under the...
conference paper 2008
Crosato, A. (author), Stive, M.J.F. (author)
Geological and morphological description of the Wadden Sea, description of the present situation.
report 2000