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Li, K. (author), Huang, R. (author), Phang, S.K. (author), Lai, S. (author), Wang, F. (author), Tan, P. (author), Chen, B.M. (author), Lee, T.H. (author)
In this paper, we propose an approach to autonomously control a quadrotor micro aerial vehicle (MAV). With take-off weight of 50 g and 8-min flight endurance, the MAV platform codenamed ‘KayLion’ developed by the National University of Singapore (NUS) is able to perform autonomous flight with pre-planned path tracking. The vision-based...
conference paper 2014
Lee, Y.-C. (author), Ko, C.-Y. (author), Lin, Y. (author), Wang, C.-Y. (author), Huang, C.-W. (author), Seto, K.C. (author)
Eight East Asian countries are home to approximately one-quarter of the world’s urban population, and by 2050, the combined urban population of these countries is expected to increase to 1.29 billion from 881 million today. Thus a central challenge for East Asian cities is how to pursue more low-carbon urbanization pathways. One of the key...
conference paper 2017
Lee, M.J. (author), Ronchini Ximenes, A. (author), Padmanabhan, P. (author), Wang, Tzu Jui (author), Huang, Kuo Chin (author), Yamashita, Yuichiro (author), Yaung, Dun Nian (author), Charbon, E.E.E. (author)
We present a high-performance back-illuminated three-dimensional stacked single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD), which is implemented in 45-nm CMOS technology for the first time. The SPAD is based on a P<sup>+</sup>/Deep N-well junction with a circular shape, for which N-well is intentionally excluded to achieve a wide depletion region, thus...
journal article 2018