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Elbertse, R.J.G. (author)
This thesis describes atomic spin chains subject to magnetic anisotropy. Such chains, assembled through means of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), can be home to a plethora of magnetic states and spin physics. This includes quantum tunneling of magnetization, the injection and delocalization of magnons and, for single atoms, the application...
doctoral thesis 2022
Hwang, Jiyoon (author), Krylov, Denis (author), Elbertse, R.J.G. (author), Yoon, Sangwon (author), Ahn, Taehong (author), Oh, Jeongmin (author), Fang, Lei (author), Jang, Won Jun (author), Cho, Franklin H. (author)
Recent advances in improving the spectroscopic energy resolution in scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) have been achieved by integrating electron spin resonance (ESR) with STM. Here, we demonstrate the design and performance of a homebuilt STM capable of ESR at temperatures ranging from 1 to 10 K. The STM is incorporated with a homebuilt...
journal article 2022
Elbertse, R.J.G. (author), Coffey Blanco, D. (author), Gobeil, J. (author), Otte, A. F. (author)
Atomic spin structures assembled by means of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) provide valuable insight into the understanding of atomic-scale magnetism. Among the major challenges are the detection and subsequent read-out of ultrafast spin dynamics due to a dichotomy in travel speed of these dynamics and the probe tip. Here, we present a...
journal article 2020