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KleinJan, J.G. (author)
Ultra-compact is a valuable property in designs of assistive devices for people with Duchenne Muscle Dystrophy. Reducing the size of these medical devices will increase the cosmetic appearance. Current devices are large and stigmatizing in the eyes of the users. In other words, the users want a device to be small enough to be worn underneath the...
master thesis 2013
Lustig, M.P. (author)
This research is focused on designing a close-to-body statically balanced mobile arm support for people suffering from degenerative muscular conditions. The arm support is based on a spring system consisting of two bi-articular zero-free-length springs to balance the arm.
master thesis 2015
Stroo, J.L. (author)
People with neuromuscular diseases request an orthosis close to the body for assistance with their arm movements. This paper proposes a concept for a passive arm support that is close to the body and is based on bending beams. Simulations resulted in the final configuration and dimensions of the beams, optimised to balance an arm. One Carbon...
master thesis 2014