Modelling urban freight transport in the context of decarbonising transport in Europe

A case study of the Groot-Rijnmond urban area with possibilities for model transferability

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Urban freight transport is a significant cause of CO2 emissions. This creates the need to implement CO2 mitigation measures for freight transport in cities. The International Transport Forum (ITF) is currently working on an EU-funded programme, the Decarbonising Transport initiative, to assess CO2 mitigation measures. However, there is no model yet that is suitable to analyse urban freight transport on a European level. Therefore, the research question of this thesis is: How can a model for urban freight transport in the urban region of Rotterdam (Groot-Rijnmond) be created, that allows for estimation of CO2 impacts of policy measures for decarbonisation and that can be transferred to other European urban areas? To answer this question, a literature study has been done to set the context of the project. This was followed by an identification of available data sources for European freight transport and the creation of a transferable modelling methodology. Based on the data and the established methodology, a model has been estimated. With this model, seven policy scenarios have been tested.