MoO3 nanowire growth on VO2/WO3 for thermochromic applications

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This study explores the structural, electronic, and optical properties of sandwich-structured thin films composed of WO3, MoWO3, and MoO3 as window layers on VO2/WO3 via a physical vapor deposition method. Morphological analysis demonstrates the evolution of distinct nanowires, offering insights into the lattice strain of the VO2 layer toward high-performance thermochromatic devices. Temperature-dependent sheet resistivity is investigated, showcasing significant improvements in conductivity for samples with MoO3 as a window layer. The electrical and optical properties of the MoO3/VO2/WO3 device showed a phase transition temperature (Tc) of 36.8 °C, a transmittance luminous (Tlum) of 54.57%, and a solar modulation ability (ΔTsol) of 12.43. This comprehensive analysis contributes to understanding the growth of nanowires on multi-layered thin films, offering valuable insights into potential applications in bright windows.