Development of a knowledge sharing game to design collaborations in a hierarchical organisation

How innovation strategies can be implemented at the working floor throughout organisations

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Background: There is an increasing need for structured methods that encourage effective knowledge sharing and collaborations at the working floor to implement innovation strategies, especially in case of employer - employee relationships.

Objective: This research (master thesis) focused on knowledge sharing on the work floor during interprofessional collaborations to achieve durable innovation in hierarchical organisations using Communities of Practice. An integrative practical and theoretical study has been conducted.

Research results: Communities of Practice managers can facilitate knowledge sharing in hierarchical organisations by actively fulfilling the connecting role between the innovation strategy managers and the executive professionals at the working floor. The COP managers can facilitate knowledge sharing by integrating the three levels (strategic, tactical and operational) using the Community Builder Program. Therefore, three steps need to be taken: 1) Develop close connections between the innovation strategists and themselves to align the organisation’s innovation strategy with their communities of practices’ raison d’être. 2) Design a COP strategy (using the Collaboration Analyser) aligned with the innovation strategy and simultaneously should all COP managers’ personal perspectives be aligned prior to the execution of the COP strategy. 3) Facilitate knowledge sharing and open communication in the design of the collaboration between COP members and their employers they are working with to share the gathered COP knowledge and put into practice. Use the C-Booster.

Deliverables: The research resulted in three parts: 1) Collaboration Analyser: A conceptual collaboration model that supports in knowledge sharing and helps COP managers to analyse the collaborations between COP members. 2) C-Booster: A tool that facilitates creative and collaborative thinking and open communication during the ‘fuzzy front design stage’ of the collaboration between two professionals at the working floor. 3) Community Builder Program: A program that facilitates COP management in the alignment with the innovation strategy with the collaborations at the work floor, using the model and tool.