The Maritime Mile

A sustainable sportscape in Amsterdam

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Sports are moving away from the city centre. This is happening despite a growing need for sports, especially among young people. While sports can help create a healthy city through encouraging interaction with their surroundings and the city, they also positively affect the social cohesion of neighbourhoods. The need for sports is specifically focussed on sports in the public space and on multifunctional accommodations, allowing a more diverse and free use. As the Marineterrein in Amsterdam is a testing ground for new initiatives and architecture or use of space, it forms the ideal location for a sports infused area. The Maritime Mile embeds sports into the public space with a jogging route that runs along the edges but also through the centre of the area. A variety of sports places and functions lie adjacent to the one mile long route. A large sports building with swimming pool and a smaller 24/7 changing facility, a swimming dock with changing facilities, bathrooms and showers for prolonged stay, a diving tower with a viewing point, a small skate park, a football field with a viewing area and a parklike area with an interactive fountain together make up a diverse program, offering activities to many different users. Water is used throughout the plan to make the design more sustainable and create a more comfortable and pleasant experience.