Experimental identification of the dynamic behaviour of pile-soil system installed by means of three different pile-driving techniques

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A novel pile-driving technique, named Gentle Driving of Piles (GDP), that combines axial low-frequency and torsional high-frequency vibrations has been developed and tested recently. During the experimental campaign, several piles were installed onshore, making use of the GDP shaker. Besides those, a number of additional piles were installed using conventional pile-driving techniques, i.e. impact piling and axial vibratory driving. After the completion of the installation phase, the installed piles have been subjected to impact hammer tests with the following goals. First, the in-situ dynamic properties of the pile-soil system have been identified. Second, the post-installation soil state has been investigated, along with its evolution in time for each pile driving scenario. Preliminary analyses, of the data collected during the impact tests show dissimilar trends in the overall dynamic response between the piles installed with impact hammer and those installed with the axial and the GDP shakers.This observation suggests a difference in the post-installation dynamic behaviour of the pile-soil systems related to different pile-driving techniques. In this paper, a first attempt is made to identify the differences in the overall pile-soil dynamic behaviour of the piles installed by means of the three different pile-driving techniques.


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