Interactive Geometry-Based Acoustics for Virtual Environments Using the Graphics Card

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The acoustics of a space contribute much to the perceived size and atmosphere of the environment. Modeling these acoustics in virtual environments can make a big improvement to the immersion of the player. There are very accurate models that can reproduce realistic acoustics in virtual spaces, but these are computationally very expensive. Cheaper algorithms are either very inaccurate or impose very limiting constraints on the environment. This thesis aims to introduce an acoustics model that can run in real time, while still providing a reasonable degree of accuracy. The perceptually most important parts of the reverberation are modeled accurately in real time, allowing for excellent sound
source localization. The remaining part of the reverberation is generated using an artificial reverberator whose input parameters are derived from the geometry, again in real time. This system is intended to give players a convincing sound in any environment without heavily taxing the available processing power.