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Aliovalent Calcium Doping of Yttrium Oxyhydride Thin Films and Implications for Photochromism (The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2022) 126:34 (14742−14749) DOI:10.1021/acs.jpcc.2c04456)

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The energy axes of the RBS and ERD data (contained in Figures 2a,b,d,e, and S4) were originally underestimated, and the corrected figures appear below and in the Supporting Information. The change is in the conversion from raw data to the energy scale, which was initially converted incorrectly. The rescaled x-axis does not change the data conclusions since the assignment of peaks to atoms remains the same and the intensity of the peaks is unaffected. Hence, it has no influence on the calculations and conclusions in the original text. (Figure presented).