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Chen, Zhaiyu (author)
Three-dimensional building models play a pivotal role in shaping the digital twin of our world. With the advance of sensing technologies, unprecedented data acquisition capabilities on capturing the built environment have surfaced, with photogrammetry and light detection and ranging being the two important sources, both of which can acquire...
master thesis 2021
Smit, Mels (author), Chen, Zhaiyu (author), Erbaşu, Mihai-Alexandru (author), Yustisi Ardhitasari Lumban Gaol, Yustisi (author), Li, Xiaoai (author)
With the constantly evolving range of applications for technology the quality and amount of data constantly increases as well. In this growing data environment, there is a constant search to provide more value to all data that is available for as little effort as possible. Our research tries to add such additional value by diving into the...
student report 2020