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Urban physics is a multi-scale and interdisciplinary field, that combines science and engineering for the study of physical processes in urban areas. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is considered a powerful tool for the study of these processes. In the context of microscale phenomena these processes refer to the transfer of heat and mass in...
master thesis 2022
FRATZESKOU, CHRISTINA (author), Garg, Chirag (author), Staring, Karin (author), Deng, Mutian (author), Jansen, Celine (author), Verbree, Edward (author), Meijers, Martijn (author)
Indoor localisation is a highly relevant topic. It can be used for many applications,<br/>such as indoor navigation. Current indoor localisation approaches all have certain<br/>downsides. In this report, the results of a completely new indoor localisation approach are described. The aim of this approach is to perform indoor localisation on room...
student report 2019