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Imasaki Afonso, Victoria (author)
The Paraná River is the second longest in South America and has always been a corridor for the migration of flora and fauna across the continent. In recent decades, it became one of the most important economic axes of the continent, crossing some of its most populous areas. However, in 2019, a severe drought event in the Upper Paraná River basin...
master thesis 2023
Raszka, Patrycja (author), Chen, Ningyi (author), Mengel, Fynn (author), Snow, Josh (author), LAI, Kevin S.F. (author), Armstrong Hall, Felix (author), Imasaki Afonso, Victoria (author), Moonen, Siirilotta (author), van Sabben, Pepijn (author)
With combined efforts from water management, architectural and hydraulic engineering students, an interdisciplinary and resilient design is set up for the Paraná Delta. The design relates to all the current environmental, architectural and flood risk challenges - among others, as well as the potential issues in the future since the Paraná Delta...
student report 2023