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Postma, M.G. (author)
This study describes the stability of rock on a mild slope (e.g. milder than 1:6) under wave loading. This is done because an increasing number of situations occur where mild foreshores are protected from the wave and currents. The empirical stability formula, designed by VAN DER MEER [1988], is not valid for these kind of slopes. Nonetheless,...
master thesis 2016
De Boer, G.G. (author), Schlepers, M.H. (author), Aggarwal, A. (author), Willemsen, G. (author), Rip, J. (author), Jansma, J. (author), Jansen, L.J.M. (author), Rafiq, S.W. (author), Postma, M.G. (author), Palaiogianni, N. (author), Hanssen, J.L.J. (author), Loozen, M.M. (author), Van den Bosch, B.A.P. (author), Fotis, G. (author), De Louw, R.M.J.G. (author), Meijerink, E. (author)
This report is the final part of the course CIE5318 Fieldwork Hydraulic Engineering at the TU Delft. In this course a group of international students from the TU Delft a and the Varna Free University visit the coast of the Black Sea. During their weeks visit they do field research in Varna, Bulgaria and visit the harbor of Constanta, Romania....
student report 2014