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Smit, Mels (author)
Over the years, the pace at which data is generated keeps on increasing. As a consequence, the data itself no longer holds the highest value, but rather the information and context the data captures are. This principle also holds in the 3D environment modelling scene, as accurately depicting an environment holds more value than the number of...
master thesis 2022
Smit, Mels (author), Chen, Zhaiyu (author), Erbaşu, Mihai-Alexandru (author), Yustisi Ardhitasari Lumban Gaol, Yustisi (author), Li, Xiaoai (author)
With the constantly evolving range of applications for technology the quality and amount of data constantly increases as well. In this growing data environment, there is a constant search to provide more value to all data that is available for as little effort as possible. Our research tries to add such additional value by diving into the...
student report 2020
Edixhoven, Tom (author), van Geffen, Hunter (author), Kruit, Bas (author), Smit, Mels (author)
For a steel company it is advantageous to be able to easily track steel through the production process. At Tata Steel this is currently done with the Material Tracking Table. However, generating this table takes months. Therefore a new system had to be developed. This paper describes the building of such a new system, which generates this...
bachelor thesis 2019