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Stokkink, Q.A. (author)
There are two key components for high throughput distributed anonymizing applications. The first key component is overhead due to message complexity of the utilized algorithms. The second key component is an nonscalable architecture to deal with this high throughput. These issues are compounded by the need for anonymization. Using a state of the...
master thesis 2017
Norberhuis, S.D. (author), Stokkink, Q.A. (author)
During the course of Q4 of the 2012-2013 academic year, we have worked on the project of a Peer-to-Peer web browser. After a two week orientation phase, a six week programming phase and nally another two week reporting phase we deliver our product. The final result of this endeavor is an integrated web browser in the Tribler platform, which...
bachelor thesis 2013