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Van Golen, K. (author)
Segmentation of shapes in Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) data is a non-trivial problem. Active Shape Models (ASM) is an approach that attempts to fit a Statistical Shape Model to landmarks. One possible approach is to let a user fit the model onto the MRI data by placing landmarks for ASM. Usually, the user can only see the global fit of the...
master thesis 2014
Hendrickx, Q. (author), Van Golen, K. (author), Shao, Z.K. (author), Driel, M. (author)
The problem posed to the authors concerns SketchaWorld, a terrain modeling framework that allows users to easily construct virtual worlds by means of sketching. Until now, the developers of SketchaWorld have focused on procedural content generation and have left its visual presentation largely untouched. The authors have been tasked to develop a...
bachelor thesis 2011