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van Dijk, Robbin (author)
This work demonstrates the imaging of (near) diffraction-limited images in the THz domain using a CMOS integrated camera. A Quasi Optical Setup is fabricated, aligned the radiation patterns and losses are characterized.
master thesis 2023
Bokhorst, Rik (author)
Front-end Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) have recently become commercially available for frequencies above 100 GHz. However, achieving low-loss and broadband interconnections between the antenna and MMICs is challenging for integrated front ends at these frequencies. This thesis presents the characterization of a flip-chip...
master thesis 2022
van Rooijen, Nick (author)
This thesis is concerned with a first time demonstration of a high frequency scanning lens phased­-array with dynamic steering. Such phased­-array could provide the high gain, wide bandwidth, and steering capability that the next generation of wireless ap­plications requires. The phased-­array development was divided into three distinct parts....
master thesis 2021