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Diaz Castellanos, E.G. (author)
The growing popularity of the Internet and the increasing demand of services based on IP have influenced the evolution of home networks. From a simple network constituted by just a PC and a modem, the home network has become a complex environment providing connectivity to several devices with different capabilities. Although service providers...
master thesis 2011
Weldemichael, K.S. (author)
Terrestrial Trunked Radio(TETRA) is a narrow band digital cellular network for Private Mobile Radio (PMR) communications mainly designed for voice communications with limited packet data capability because of band-width limitations. This limited packet data capability of TETRA is used for the integration of the TETRA network with wireless mesh...
master thesis 2010
Farazmand, Y. (author)
Typically, in a wireless data network, all devices use the same channel (i.e. the same frequency) so that they can easily communicate with each other. However, as node density increases, the throughput share of each device decreases due to contention of the wireless medium. It seems that the capacity problem in wireless mesh networks can be...
master thesis 2009