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Bertels, Anniek (author)
The purpose of this study was to understand the effect of empathy in the project team on the outcome of the integrated design process of infrastructure projects. Despite years of experience, many infrastructure projects are still underperforming. Within the project lifecycle, the integrated design process has an important role in this. Empathy...
master thesis 2022
Batelaan, Frédérique (author)
The aim of this research was to investigate if and how the project performance of integrated construction projects can be improved by focussing on empathy during the preconstruction phase. Big infrastructural construction projects often face a poor project performance which causes the sector is aimed at searching for strategies to deal with this...
master thesis 2021
van der Donk, Marnix (author)
Many construction projects experience cost overruns (Flyvbjerg & Holm, 2002), which is the difference between the estimated cost and the final costs of a project. In Design & Build procured projects, the contractor is responsible for both designing and constructing the project (De Ridder, 2009). During the tender phase, the contractor...
master thesis 2020