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Steenstra, C.T. (author)
The widespread adoption of computer technologies fundamentally re-shaped the way companies operate. A deluge of systems and applications now support the daily activities of employees and managers alike, thus increasing the amount, value, and sensibleness of available data. This abundance of data provides new opportunities for applications...
master thesis 2016
Stanculescu, L.C. (author)
In the recent years, gamification, “the use of game design elements in non-game contexts”, has drawn the attention of an increasing number of scientists. Although several studies highlighted the benefits of gamification in several applications, its potential in the enterprise environment still needs to be understood. In the enterprise context,...
master thesis 2014
Manta, A. (author)
In recent years, the idea of Open Data has gained popularity, mainly due to the initiative of the president of the USA, Barack Obama. He started a promotion campaign for an Open Government and ordered government data to be made available as Open Data. In essence, Open Data is data published online which can be used and republished without...
master thesis 2013