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Wang, Sihan (author)
Anaerobic digestion (AD) is an effective and economical in secondary sludge management. Thermal hydrolysis process (THP) is a reliable pre-treatment method to improve the biodegradability of sludge. Partial nitritation and anammox process (PN/A) is a suitable method used to remove nitrogen in reject water which has a low COD/N ratio. However,...
master thesis 2022
Goedhart, Roos (author)
The removal of iron from groundwater is essential to avoid aesthetic issues of the produced drinking water and to reduce maintenance cost of the system. The most applied iron removal method of oxidation and filtration produces large volumes of aqueous iron sludge of little value and the method is more likely to fail at high iron concentrations....
master thesis 2021
de Bruin, Stefan (author)
This thesis examines the influence of physical properties of structural EPS on granule morphology. Two types of structural EPS are found to be important. These types of structural EPS are: surface bound EPS and hydrogel forming EPS matrix. VirtualLeaf is used to model granules which contain only binding surface bound EPS. The TST model is used...
master thesis 2018